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Chronic pain can interfere with your ability to work, sleep or even enjoy time with family and friends. Our office of dedicated Pain Management specialists are helping patients to reduce and alleviate chronic pain everyday.  If chronic pain does not improve with standard over-the-counter treatments, our specialists are here to walk you down the road to relief.

Our Doctors

Our team of physicians have the training and experience to provide relief for even the worst case conditions. When you come to Pain Relief Associates you can expect to receive the highest level of medical care available. If you feel like you have tried everything and there is no hope, before you give up, call us today and experience the difference.


Mental health is fundamental to overall health and productivity. It is the basis for successful contributions to family, community, and society. Throughout a person's lifespan, their mental health plays a key role in the development of thinking, learning, resilience, self-esteem, and communication skills. When one or more of these skills have been compromised visiting our psychiatrist, Dr. Laura Champagne, at our Woodlands location.


What Our Patients Say

My name is Carolyn. I came to see Dr. Aves about my daily migraines after seeing several migraine specialists. I have had several rounds of Botox injections from other doctors that only gave me temporary relief. I also had several acupuncture procedures with little relief. I did have a nerve decompression surgery at the base of my skull from another migraine specialist, it was beneficial but not totally successful. After meeting with Dr. Aves, he gave me targeted Botox on the nerves that were causing my daily migraines. The Botox helped the frequency of my migraines. Dr. Aves gave me quality time and he was the most compassionate doctor I have ever been to. I was having daily migraines, after seeing Dr. Aves I am migraine free for the past three months. If you are having migraines, I highly recommend Dr. Aves. He is absolutely wonderful in every way.

migraine patient

For over 15 years I've struggled with chronic migraines.  In my early thirties, they became almost unbearable.  My migraines were so debilitating that I couldn't eat, sleep, drive or work, and I was averaging 10-12 migraine days each month.  Most months, there was at least one trip to the emergency room to treat dehydration and to manage the pain.   In addition to the thousands of dollars in medical bills, my migraines were also impacting my relationships;  I was missing out on precious time with my two young children, as well as other family and friends.   Prior to seeing Dr. Aves, I had tried EVERY migraine therapy possible, including every migraine medication on the market (triptans, anti-inflammatorys, anti-seizure medications, beta blockers).  I tried chiropractics, steroid injections, physical therapy, massage therapy and even acupuncture and transcendental meditation: nothing worked.  As such, I had very low expectations during my first visit with Dr. Aves and assumed that I had already exhausted all of my options.  Dr. Aves suggested radio-ablation therapy, which cauterizes the nerve endings in your neck, blocking all pain signals that can frequently trigger migraines.   Surprisingly, within days of my procedure, I had immediate relief!  I no longer have to worry about rationing my 'sick days' or planning travel around potential migraines!  I have not been to the emergency room in over two years, and can happily say that my quality of life has sky-rocketed now that I am living pain-free!  My anxiety over when "the next migraine" will happen has disappeared!  Dr. Chin and Dr. Aves have truly been a blessing and provided the solution to what has been a life-long struggle with migraine pain; their approach to migraine treatment has provided LONG term and complete relief.  I would recommend any and all migraine sufferers to visit their office.   With multiple office locations in the Houston area it is easy to schedule appointments, and their staff is always helpful and understanding.  I only wish I had gone to Pain Relief Associates sooner!


My situation is as follows. I am currently 65 years old. I had two back surgeries, one in 2005 and a second in 2007. Both were for stenosis repair and partial diskectomy. The first was at L5-L4 and the second at L4-L3. I was suffering from bad pain in my buttocks and sciatica down my leg. After the second surgery my symptoms came back very quickly and I returned to my orthopedic surgeon to see what he thought we should or could do. He did another MRI and when he reviewed it with my wife and I he said it did not look like surgical intervention would help anymore, due to lots of scar tissue from the two surgeries were likely causing the pain I was having. He recommended I see Dr. Aves for Pain Management. I was somewhat skeptical, as I was not wanting to spend the rest of my life on pain medications, so I did not go to Dr. Aves immediately. However the pain worsened and was greatly impeding my ability to drive to work or walk any distance.

In mid 2009 we decided to see Dr. Aves and see what he could do to help me. By then the constant back and hip pain was also causing migraines too. My first visit with Dr. Aves was eye opening. While he will prescribe pain medicines he is very methodical and careful in how he reviews your case and your situation. We did cold laser in his office multiple times that seemed to help the hip pain somewhat. We also did physical therapy for extended periods over about two years. And while that does help and I still do the exercises frequently, it did not resolve my pain. So we did use pain medicine and muscle relaxers to get me through the worst days.

By 2013 though my hip pain was worsening and made it almost impossible to undertake daily activities. Dr. Aves became convinced that I had severe arthritis in my SI joints, so Dr. Chin did injections to numb them temporarily. It was like the greatest thing I have ever experienced, as my hip pain was gone! So shortly there after a Dr. Chin did a radio frequency nerve ablation on the nerves going to both SI joints. This treatment, while not permanent, got me tremendous relief and allowed me to return to normal activities, including exercise, active vacations and all the things we love to do. As the nerves do "regrow" this procedure must be repeated every 6-8 months to keep the pain away.

Lately, in the last year, I have been getting low back pain reoccurring. After an MRI Doctor Aves said the pain is from arthritis in the L5-L4-L3 joints in my back. We just did the injections to temporarily numb the area, which again provided great relief. Though as with the SI joints it did not last. So soon I will ask Dr. Chin to do a nerve ablation on these joints to relieve the pain.

After the SI Joint nerve ablation I was able to stop pain medicine completely.

Dr. Aves has been the most supportive man. He is extremely knowledgeable in the management of pain and I would recommend him to anyone. He always takes plenty of time to explain what he sees and to help you figure out what the next steps are in your care. He is a real gentleman.

Dr. Chin is a very fine doctor and is always kind and supportive. Usually when you see him you are hurting and anxious, as you are going into surgery. But he is so calm and professional you feel you are in the best of hands.

As for the staff Dr. Aves has hired the best people. They are always cheerful, helpful and professional. You know they are dealing with people all day, every day, that are in pain and not in the best mood. Yet they are always kind, thoughtful and just plain nice. It is a refreshing change from many doctor's offices.

On top of this Dr. Aves and his staff drive to a different part of Houston/Suburbs every day. So they will have an office close to you, no matter where you live. So they go the extra mile, literally, to make it easier on their patients.

This is just an amazing practice and led by an amazing Doctor.